The Dreamer, Wrapped Canvas

20″ x 16″, 1.5″, The Dreamer, Wrapped Canvas Stretched Canvas Print.


The Dreamer depicts humanity dreaming of distant places where all is one, the animals, and of nature itself.


About doloresguerrero

I consider myself an artist and have been that all my life, so what I paint My ideas come from seeing everything possible in the outside world. The light goes on, I visualize a painting, then paint it. My subjects vary from being a single mother to dancers, to my thoughts on the environment. My other favorite median is printing...silkscreen. I attended college between 1971 to 1976. The colleges include, CalState Univerities, UC Davis, and UCLos Angeles. I have done many serigraphs throughout my life and my art is now part of many universities and private collections. I have exhibited in many galleries and museums throughout the United State and other countries. Some museums include the Museum of Modern Art in New York and I have taught many workshop on printmaking and have taught that at Pasadena City College. ​This is just part of my world. Enjoy the art.

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