Self Expression by Dolores Guerrero

The images I create change as my life changes, therefore, the images an artist expresses are a reflection of that moment. These pieces reflect my personal life, the community, and the world I live in. They tell the story of where some of us are coming from and hopefully where we’re going. As a culture grows, so should it change. My inspirations come from life itself. My love is to paint, either on canvas, a silkscreen canvas, or a wall, yet my knowledge in screen printing is very extensive and I use it as one of my tools for self-expression. My hope is to become a master painter and express the beauty of life itself.



A Meeting with Death
A Meeting with Death is a painting that depicts one part of my culture. Cholos are the few who choose the most extreme way of life. Maybe they are reincarnated warriors who must protect their territories. They are the part of my culture which society seems to ignore the most. I choose to depict them with a death symbol in the background, for I imagine they live with that battle every day.




















The Aztec Earth Goddess
The Aztec Earth Goddess is a fiberglass sculpture angel. This project was part of a Los Angeles city project. Artists were asked to paint their own version of an angel. I chose Tonantzin the Aztec earth goddess. I made a fiberglass dress, coated it with gesso and used acrylic paints to paint the images on her dress. These images are my two children and my two grandchildren. The children of Los Angeles are angels no matter what culture they come from. This is the celestial and personal part of my life. These angels are closest to my heart.


About doloresguerrero

I consider myself an artist and have been that all my life, so what I paint My ideas come from seeing everything possible in the outside world. The light goes on, I visualize a painting, then paint it. My subjects vary from being a single mother to dancers, to my thoughts on the environment. My other favorite median is printing...silkscreen. I attended college between 1971 to 1976. The colleges include, CalState Univerities, UC Davis, and UCLos Angeles. I have done many serigraphs throughout my life and my art is now part of many universities and private collections. I have exhibited in many galleries and museums throughout the United State and other countries. Some museums include the Museum of Modern Art in New York and I have taught many workshop on printmaking and have taught that at Pasadena City College. ​This is just part of my world. Enjoy the art.

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