Collector Portfolio

This portfolio has three high quality signed digital prints of my work with a description of each of the art seem here. It also includes a Biography of myself and comes in a nicely packaged portfolio case with a delightful tied ribbon. If your interested in having this portfolio you can contact me here. I also have other portfolios with different art pieces.


Royal Chicano Air Force

I met and worked with the RCAF in 1977 when I went to UC DAVIS, he was very nice and very supportive. I was the city girl, as they called me. It was a very good time. I wish Jose Montoya well on his journey through time and space and hope his next life will be even more astonishing.


For more information on the Royal Chicano Air Force.

KCET News Coverage

Dolores Guerrero, an East Los Angeles native, is a screen printer long associated with the Chicana/o and feminist movements. During her fine arts studies at UCLA, Guerrero began her life long commitment to Self Help Graphics, a community visual arts center in East L.A, and collaborated with other Chicana/o art activist in the Highland Park-based collective, Centro de Arte Publico. The collective was one of many active organizations in Highland Park that contributed to the visibility of Latino identity and art in the public via murals, community workshops and signage. Guerrero shares her experience about the collective and other artists from the era for the chapter “Painting the Walls.”

HP Bio_Delores Guerrero-thumb-600xauto-20907